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If you have any questions why BFIT Rapid Electrolyte Spray may not be your perfect electrolyte of choice or an essential electrolyte addition to your gym bag, pack, pocket or car those questions should be answered below.  If not, let us know.



I have seen other electrolyte sprays that don’t use Liposome Technology, are they the same as BFIT? 2017-05-30T15:37:17+00:00

Using BFIT’s Rapid Electrolyte Spray liposome nutrient delivery system electrolytes and vitamins are immediately absorbed in your mouth.

Other electrolyte sprays are electrolytes in water. Unless they are using liposome encapsulation, they will work just as any electrolyte drink. They pass through the mouth, into the stomach and are absorbed in the small intestines. Then you wait 20 to 30 minutes for the electrolytes to get into your system.

I get bloated when using common electrolyte products. How does BFIT advance formula reduce bloating? 2017-05-30T17:19:34+00:00

Your diet, as well as the large amounts of sugar (up to 52.5 g/qt.) contained in many common electrolyte products contribute to bloating in your GI system. Because BFIT electrolytes and nutrients are directly absorbed in your mouth, it does not contribute to bloating.

I get muscles cramps when using common electrolyte products. How does BFIT help reduce muscle cramps? 2017-05-30T16:28:20+00:00

Sodium is one of the major electrolytes lost in sweat and is essential for muscle movement. When you have low sodium it can be a significant cause of muscle cramps.

During heavy exercise electrolyte loss and fluid loss often exceed the rate that your body can absorb them in the intestines. This can still leave you with a sodium deficit even though you are drinking electrolytes.

Because BFIT Rapid Electrolyte Spray uses advanced liposome nutrient delivery. Sodium is directly absorbed in your mouth, delivered into your bloodstream and available to your body within seconds of your first spray. No need to wait for the 20 to 30 minutes until a swallowed electrolyte passes through your stomach and then is slowly absorbed in your intestines. You immediately get the sodium your body needs into your system to reduce or prevent muscle cramps.


I get nausea and sometimes stomach cramps using common electrolyte products. How does BFIT Advance formula reduce stomach cramps? 2017-05-30T17:20:36+00:00

Large amounts of sugar (up to 52.5 g/qt.) contained in many common electrolyte products contribute to nausea and stomach cramps. Sugar also slows the passage of water and electrolytes from your stomach to your intestines where they are absorbed. The longer the sugars and liquids are in your sloshing around in your stomach the higher the chances of nausea and stomach cramps.

Often Nausea is increased, when you are trying to drink a really warm sugary electrolyte drink on a hot day. It just does not feel or taste so good.

Because BFIT is a mouth spray, it feels like a cool mist in your mouth. The electrolytes and nutrients are absorbed into your body. No warm, sugary liquids in your stomach.

What are the ingredients in BFIT Rapid Electrolyte Spray? 2017-05-29T19:49:23+00:00

With BFIT’s Liposomal Delivery Formula bioavailability is significantly higher, so a small amount goes a long ways.


Does BFIT’s High Performance Liposome Electrolyte Technology cost more to use than other products? 2017-05-29T16:58:02+00:00

BFIT Rapid Electrolyte Spray contains 30 servings (30 hard 1 hour work-outs) at only $0.66 per serving or less. Compared to electrolyte gels or powders that cost between $1.00 to $4.00 per serving or electrolyte drinks at $1.00 to $1.50 per bottle.

With a 30 days supply per bottle, simply place in your gym bag, hydration belt, car, daypack, pocket or any place you may need it. No need to constantly replace or carry multiple bottles or packages. You can use it anywhere at any time you need and electrolyte or energy boost.

How does the BFIT Liposome Technology deliver more nutrients faster than other products? 2017-05-31T22:32:11+00:00

BFIT Rapid Electrolyte Spray uses an advanced liposome nutrient delivery technology developed by pharmaceutical companies.

The electrolytes, B vitamins, and NAC are filled inside tiny PhosphatidylCholine (PC) liposomes, only 82 nanometers in size (10 times smaller than red blood cells). Think of liposomes as tiny nutrient filled containers your body loves. PC is also a nutrient needed for a healthy brain.

Because PC is a major part of the cell membranes in your body, the tiny nutrient packed PC liposomes in BFIT are attracted to and appear like your body’s cells. BFIT’s PC liposomes merge with your body’s cells and inject the electrolytes and nutrients directly into your body’s cells and bloodstream.

When sprayed, your mouth is instantly coated with BFIT nutrient-packed liposomes which are directly absorbed in your mouth and your GI system is bypassed. The problems associated with consuming electrolyte liquids such as low nutrient absorption, stomach, and intestinal issues are no longer a factor.  Using liposome nutrient delivery bioavailability is increased up to 900% and typically doubles the time the nutrients are in your bloodstream.

Because electrolyte loss can happen even when not exercising, can BFIT help? 2017-05-24T20:03:27+00:00

Absolutely, especially if you have a busy life. BFIT Rapid Electrolyte Spray is a convenient way to get electrolytes and a B vitamin energy boost anywhere, anytime.

Each 1 oz bottle contains 180 sprays about a 30 day supply. It easily fits in your pocket, gym bag, pack, hydration belt, glove box, etc. Because it is only 1 oz. it is allowed through airport security for your use on board the aircraft.

Here are a few common ways people lose electrolytes at a faster rate.

  • During airline travel, dry cabin air and being trapped on the airplane waiting for take-off without proper a/c will increase electrolyte loss and dehydration.
  • Drinking coffee or any caffeinated drink will significantly increase your sodium loss (5) which needs to be replaced.
  • Drinking alcohol increases electrolyte loss and dehydration as well as depletes your body of B vitamins.
  • Many prescription drugs, especially diuretics (4) increase electrolyte loss.
  • Simply sitting in the sun or sunbathing on a hot summer day even when you are cooling off in the water will increase your electrolyte loss.


How should I use BFIT Rapid Electrolyte Spray to achieve the best results? 2017-05-30T16:09:38+00:00

Because BFIT Rapid Electrolyte Spray is so effective, just six sprays for each hour that you workout are usually all you may need. Spray twice before your workout, twice during and twice after. Depending on what you are doing you may do more sprays earlier in your workout.

If you are exercising at a higher intensity than normal, competing or in hot temperatures then extra spray’s will help. Like every other nutrient your body needs, the number of additional sprays will vary depending on your weight, level of exertion, and your body.

You can use BFIT Rapid Electrolyte Spray anytime during the day that you feel any of the symptoms of electrolyte loss and/or may need a quick B vitamin boost.

When exercising for an hour BFIT can be especially helpful. It takes 20-30 minutes for an electrolyte drink to be absorbed. If you start drinking half way through your workout the electrolytes are not available to your body until your workout is over.

Because the BFIT electrolytes are immediately absorbed in your mouth, you can maintain your electrolytes throughout your workout with a few sprays.

Are your products manufactured to FDA certified cGMP standards? 2017-05-24T14:22:28+00:00

Yes. Our products are manufactured in the USA to Strict FDA Certified cGMP standards. These are the same standards used by pharmaceutical companies to manufacture drugs. This requires strict analysis, quality assurance, testing, tracking and safety from the purity of the raw ingredients then throughout the manufacturing process to the final packaged product.

State of the art equipment and processes are used to insure that the Liposome encapsulation is highly consistent to produce 92% of the Liposomes 82 nanometers or smaller. This is important because effectiveness significantly decreases as liposome size increases, especially over 200 nanometers.

We use Purified water, Non-GMO ingredients, Natural flavors, No artificial ingredients and No added sugar.

BFIT Rapid Electrolyte Spray has a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or Money Back. How does that work? 2017-05-30T20:05:33+00:00

Simple. You Must Be Absolutely Delighted with BFIT Rapid Electrolyte Spray, If by some small chance you are not, For Any Reason or No Reason, simply return your empty and remaining bottles within 30 days of purchase. No Return Authorizations… No Questions… No Hassles… Just your money back.

Once we receive your return we will immediately refund the full amount you paid. Please note that the credit card companies may take 3-5 day for the refund to show up in your account after we have authorized the refund.

Please send returns to:

Sportsfood, Inc
PO Box 146
Lincroft, NJ 07738

Inside the return package please include your full name and address to make sure the refund is credited to you.

PS. While not required, we would greatly appreciate a note about why BFIT did not work for you since it has already helped so many others. We are committed to constantly improving our products and customer service. Your suggestions would be very helpful.

I already use electrolyte drinks or mixes in my water. Why should I consider BFIT? 2017-05-30T17:13:18+00:00


Pocket sized BFIT Rapid Electrolyte Spray gives you a convenient, go anywhere, choice anytime you need an electrolyte or B vitamin energy boost right at your fingertips. It can complement or replace other electrolytes depending on your training, racing, personal situation to feel better and perform at your best anytime you may need it.

Because the electrolytes and nutrients are absorbed directly into your body bypassing your GI system, many of the problems of drinking common electrolytes are avoided.

For example, common sugar filled (52.5 grams) electrolyte drinks weighing 2+ pounds per quart can actually slow down water absorption and increase muscle cramps (7).

With BFIT’S advanced liposome nutrient delivery system, the nutrients are immediately available to your body without waiting 20-30 minutes for them to be slowly absorbed in your intestines.