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Serendipity Leads to The Most Important Breakthrough in Sports Nutrition!

Here Is How It Happened…

In 1974, Michael Sclafani (Founder & CEO), at the age of 17, decide to move to San Francisco. As a young man, he learned the art of making bagels from New York’s finest artisans. When passing through Boulder he noticed that it did not have a bagel bakery and knew that college students loved bagels.

As an athlete growing up he participated in all main team sports and as well as boxing and loved to be active, healthy and fit. In 1978, Michael decided to move to Boulder to live a healthy, active lifestyle and follow one of his dreams… crafting the finest bagels. Thus, he started The Bagel Bakery, Boulders first.

Michaels never-ending commitment at making the finest bagels with high quality nutritious ingredients fresh every single day earned the Bagel Bakery over 3,000 retail outlets. From health conscience natural grocers like Alfalfa’s Market and Wild Oats to large supermarket chains including Albertsons, Safeway, Krogers/King Soopers made The Bagel Bakery the largest (by far) bagel bakery in Colorado. Whether purchased at the grocery store, enjoyed at CU or CSU or one of Colorado’s Army or Airforce bases most likely you were enjoying bagels from The Bagel Bakery.

After The Bagel Bakery, Michael’s career shifted to Wall Street where he helped small and medium size businesses focusing on the sports, media and entertainment industries.

That’s when serendipity happened.

In 2005, Michael took the AVP (Pro Beach Volleyball) public. In 2006, he brought the shoe wear company “Crocs” to the table for over a $20M Title Sponsorship, which then became the AVP/Crocs tour.

After becoming closely associated with several of the sports’ superstars, Kerri Walsh and Karch Kiraly, while watching them play during high heat and their consumption of sports drinks such as Gatorade. He soon realized through conversation with these athletes that they still cramped and became dehydrated.

Along the way he represented two nutraceutical companies that delivered their technology through liquids and oral thin film both putting electrolytes directly into the bloodstream and bypassing the stomach.  After dialog with these companies’ heads of science he realized that their ability to deliver the important electrolytes quicker and with greater absorption were extremely important.

The Sports Nutrition Breakthrough!

Using liposomal nutrient science, extremely small amounts of healthy nutrients have a 900% greater positive effects in your body, the positive effects last twice as long, begin in seconds and cause Zero stomach irritation.

Recognizing the potential, Michael began working with leading scientists to formulate highly effective products that provide healthy nutrients into the body more efficiently, faster and conveniently without the side effects that can occur when ingesting common supplements… Sportsfood was born!

Developed with leading scientists each proprietary Sportsfood product is formulated to:

  • Be absorbed into your body through your mouth in seconds.
  • Deliver up to 9X more nutrients into your body than ingested supplements with the same amount of active ingredients.
  • Provide 2X or more longer nutrient availability in your bloodstream for use by your body.
  • Avoid stomach irritation that can occur when ingesting tablets or liquids.
  • Provide light, compact, convenient anytime… anywhere product use.
  • Provide a cost per use competitive to products currently available.
  • Use all-natural ingredients.

All products are made with care to the strictest safety and quality standards in state-of-the-art FDA approved cGMP certified facilities.

Today, Breakthrough Science Meets Nutrition at Sportsfood so you can join world class athletes, trainers and active individuals to get an edge feeding your body what it needs to achieve superior performance and feel great!